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a woman-owned ecofarm raising 100% grassfed beef
and pastured, soy-free eggs and pork near Frederick, MD
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Why US

What makes our farm special? Why should you source your meat from us? Let us tell you a little more about what we do and why...
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100% Grassfed Beef

Our newly harvested beef is in. Yum! I am selling this grass-fed goodness in 25 lb beef bonanzaboxes (approx. ½ ground beef, ¼ roasts, and ¼ steaks) $199

Unlike many farms selling "grassfed beef" who then give grain to their steers at the end, our beef is from tender young steers who have never had so much as one bite of grain in their lives. They live happy, peaceful lives on our lush pastures where they are born, eating a new slice of diverse pasture plants every day, resting in the shade of the trees, supplemented only with grass hay in the winter and salt and a wide variety of top of the line minerals.

Half Steer Info

Pork - O - Nanza

Our pastured, soy-free pork is back in stock!  These heritage breed pigs roamed oak forest on our farm, filling their bellies with acorns and roots, and also grazed clover and bugs in our diverse pastures. They live together as a family and are free to rest and roam as pigs should be. Our pigs are supplemented with sprouted, soy-free feed (certified free of pesticides, herbicides and gmos).

Pork Chops $8 / lb, Sausage $8 / lb (medium spicy chorizo). Ingredients are in the FAQ.

PS - One of these delicious porkers received a couple of antibiotic shots to save his life five months before harvest. If this concerns you, let me know and I can be sure you get meat from the one that didn't.

 Soy-Free, Pastured Eggs

Our heritage hens live wild and free on our farm, completely un-fenced. They are supplemented with sprouted, soy-free feed (certified free of pesticides, herbicides and gmos). We let the hens raise their own chicks if they get broody. All the greens and bugs they eat make these the tastiest eggs around.

How to Order

Our products are not in stores. We sell from the farm by appointment, and you are welcome to contact us by email, phone, or text to arrange a visit. We are happy to show you around while you are here if you wish and if time permits. For those of you who see us at our various weekly events (kids lessons, etc), we are happy to bring your order with us. 

Send Us a Message

Send Us a Message

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